About Us

Over the years, one place has remained the same ol' place that has always served up delicious food.  That place is Hobby's Hoagies, family owned and operated since 1991.  Kim Nixon, co-owner, moved to Edmond from Wilmington, Delaware with her father George and the rest of her family. After being here for awhile, they felt something was missing.  "We noticed that we couldn't find anywhere that made the hoagies that we were used to back East" Kim said.  "After my father began to make and sell hoagies for many of his co-workers, we decided that we would open up our own shop."

They opened a restaurant with a goal of being completely unique.  "Each day we bake our Italian rolls from scratch," said Nixon.   "We also use the freshest meats, cheeses and vegetables which we prepare each day.  But what really makes the hoagies are the crushed hot cherry peppers and sweet peppers that we have shipped in from Delaware."

Italians, Roastbeef, turkey, ham and tuna are just a few of the hoagies available.  "Our most popular is the Philly Cheesesteak hoagie" Kim said.  But not to be outdone is the Reuben on Rye and Hot Pastrami.  "We have had people in our shop from NewYork and Chicago that have had our Reuben and told us that they were better than the hoagies they could get back home".

Each day they prepare homemade dough for their New York Style pizzas.  The sauce is a family recipe and the finest toppings are always used.  Many things are made from scratch like their meatballs and potato and pasta salads.  "Even though it is a lot easier to buy prepared foods, you loose so much of the quality when you do," said Nixon.

Two favorite desserts that everyone loves especially customers from back east are Tastykakes and Homemade Italian Water Ice.

Meat, cheese, fruit and sandwich trays are available through Hobby's Hoagies caterings and their 6 foot party subs are incredible.

Hobby's Hoagies is open seven days a week at the downtown location from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm Monday thru Saturday. Our Edmond location is open six days a week from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm Monday thru Saturday.

Kim and her father George own the store and Kim's son Christopher helps with managing along with many great employees from the surrounding Edmond schools.

Give Hobby's Hoagies a call at 348-2214  or stop by and taste the goodness yourself!